Surros Gallery - Fairy Tree Nursery at Surros Gallery
Fairy Tree Nursery
Begun 4/10/2014

Fairy and gnome figurines created to decorate a fantasy tree in a fairy-themed nursery. I sculpted and painted fairies and gnomes, and assisted in the construction of the tree. The clothes, staging, design, concept, tree, and everything else was done by Robert Gutman.

  • Fairy 01
    Unpainted figure
  • Fairy 02
    Painted figure
  • Fairy 03
    A fairy on a swing and a gnome climbing the side of the tree.
  • Gnome in Bucket
    Gnome descending from a tree branch in a bucket
  • Fairy 04
    Fairy playing pan pipes
  • Fairy 05
    Fairy sitting on branch
  • Gnome on Butterfly
    Gnome riding a butterfly
  • Gnome on Butterfly 2
    Gnome riding a butterfly
  • Gnome Inspector
    Gnome inspecting a portion of the tree
  • Drumming Gnome
    Drummer gnome at a fairy dance party
  • Fairy 06
    Flying fairy
  • Fairy 06
    Flying fairy (back view)
  • Fairy 07
    Fairy peeking out from the tree roots (carefully fastened to avoid curious little hands prying it up)
  • Gnome Climbing
    Gnome climbing the side of the tree
  • Fairy Dance Party
    Fairies and gnomes dancing and playing instruments
  • Fairy 08
    Fairy peeking from the tree branches
  • Gnome Crossing Bridge
    Taking a stroll across a tiny wooden bridge
  • Fairy Butterfly Catcher
    The net might be a little too small for these butterflies!
  • The Tree
    The upper half of the fairy tree
  • Flying Fairy
    Swooping through the branches
  • Gnome on Butterfly 3
    There he goes!
  • Tree Trunk
    I constructed most of the face. The entire tree is made of paper-mache and chicken wire, with lights inside the branches that let the whole thing glow.
  • Fairy Tree
    The entire tree, complete.
  • The Tree Lit Up
    Before everything was added, we tested the lights.