Surros Gallery - Denver Chalk Art Festival 2016 at Surros Gallery
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Denver Chalk Art Festival 2016

Started 6/4/2016
Chalk art!
      • WIP
        Added 5/19/2016
        Practicing for the festival
      • Sketch (flowers)
        Added 5/13/2016
        A sketch of a portion of my composition
      • Day 0 - Outlined
        Added 6/3/2016
        Done on the early work day
      • Day 1 - The flowers
        Added 6/4/2016
        Working from the bottom up
      • Day 1 - End of day
        Added 6/4/2016
        The day's work. I left 4 hours early to preserve my fingers and still have work for tomorrow.
      • Day 2 - End of day
        Added 6/5/2016
        The finished piece, poorly photographed as hundreds continue to mill around the festival. There wasn't a lot of space, is what I'm saying.