My first website

Last updated in the time of the dinosaurs

By Tidah
Not really my first website, just in the spirit of my first website. What can I say, I was 13.

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Random Thoughts

  • Dragons, dragons, dragons
  • DBZ, Frieza gets what's coming to him (her?) after four episodes of screaming and flexing
  • Why is Sailor Moon so popular?
  • I'd like Anne McCaffrey more if she didn't start so many sentences with 'And'.


  • How to prep your computer for Y2K: do nothing, it's not real
  • Cool things you can do with your pager (I don't have a pager)
  • Death of floppy disks (finally)
  • Someone tell my mom to stop trying to get me to wear stirrup pants, please.


Terralei: Are you serious? I thought we were done with this crap.

Itia: Too...many...flashbacks...

Tidah: Also popular in my age group: making up conversations between yourself and either muses or alter egos!

Itia: I remember that. I remember...too much of that.

Terralei: I managed to forget until this happened.

Tidah: No kidding. I think we're done here.


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