• 2 eggs
  • Squid brand fish sauce, found at your local Asian grocer
Break two eggs in a small soup bowl and beat with a fork until well-combined.

Put in 3-4 squirts of fish sauce into the beaten eggs and continue beating. The eggs should turn a slightly darker, browner color.

Take your small sauce pan and pour in enough cooking oil so that it's about 2 inches deep. Turn the stove on high and allow oil to reach egg frying temperature.

Take the slotted spoon and hold it over the oil. Pour in a dollop or two of egg mixture and swirl or shake it around so that there are long strings and so on flying into the oil.

When the edges of the egg mixture turns a golden sort of brown, flip it over.

When eggs are done, take out and allow to drain excess oil on some paper towels.

Wash, rinse, repeat, until you've run out of egg mixture.