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FFXIV: Comic Eorzea

Started 6/17/2018
Short, silly comics about Final Fantasy XIV, either gameplay or story.
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        Added 6/17/2018
      • 2
        Added 6/17/2018
        *narrator voice* It really wasn't my business
      • 3
        Added 6/17/2018
        This definitely isn't canon
      • 4
        Added 6/18/2018
        Wind-up Haurchefant continues to be helpful
      • 5
        Added 6/19/2018
        Estinien hits the casino
      • 6
        Added 6/22/2018
        Note: mammets aren't supposed to be able to swim
      • 7
        Added 7/2/2018
        Fishstinien, Azure Fishgoon of Fishgard
      • 8
        Added 7/2/2018
        apparently we were all wrong and he served ginger tea but whatever, hot chocolate is better
      • 9
        Added 7/2/2018
        Ramuh, all man, all beard, plus extra beard
      • 10
        Added 7/9/2018
      • 11
        Added 7/12/2018
        A poster from the Gold Saucer advertising the latest Lord of Verminion tournament.
      • 12
        Added 7/31/2018
        Haurchefant rules, Magnai drools
      • 13
        Added 8/20/2018
      • 001: a strange visitor
        Added 4/11/2019
        Finally switched to actual comics
      • 002: Proof of Concept
        Added 4/12/2019
        Haurchefant's dad just doesn't even want to know at this point
      • 003: no thanks
        Added 4/12/2019
        making fun of Viera again
      • 004: Friend Request Rejected
        Added 5/3/2019
        Go away, Zenos
      • 005: who ate my bacon bread
        Added 5/6/2019
        Culprit sighted!
      • 006: poor drumstick
        Added 5/9/2019
        some of the names people give their poor birds
      • 007: beauty queen
        Added 5/13/2019
        the juxtaposition of idealized figures next to more realistic figures will never not entertain me
      • 008: the beauty queen rests
        Added 5/14/2019
        consolation prize is infinitely better
      • 009: card fishing
        Added 5/23/2019
        This only applies to pre-SHB AST. Well, I think they still fish for cards, but it's not quite the same. Featuring cat friends Maya, Laia, Ashkell
      • 010: gardening
        Added 6/1/2019
        I refuse to acknowledge the system message
      • 011: teamwork
        Added 6/19/2019
        During the live letter previewing the 73 dungeon, Yoshi-P kept hiding under Urianger's skirt to avoid Landsblood. Sadly he kept getting hit but it was funny imagery nonetheless.
      • 012: girl talk
        Added 7/25/2019
        hanging out with minifilia talking about how thancred's a jerk
      • 013: sandwich bait
        Added 7/27/2019
        he bribed her
      • 014: power napper
        Added 8/11/2019
        he claimed he liked watching but it looks like he just slept most of the time
      • 015: cats
        Added 8/13/2019
        they're everywhere. I'm not very fond of how this one turned out.
      • 015: more naps
        Added 8/19/2019
        old people napping
      • 017: that one time in Mor Dhona
        Added 8/30/2019
        Meeting G'raha Tia for the first time
      • 018: when a cat likes you
        Added 8/30/2019
        you know how they are
      • 019: revenge
        Added 8/30/2019
        cats don't like it when you're the one knocking their things off tables
      • 020: HQ catboy butt
        Added 8/30/2019
        he's trying to impress you
      • 021: check out my minion
        Added 8/31/2019
        look he looks just like you isn't that great
      • 022: when your cat brings you stuff
        Added 9/14/2019
        dragons are cats, right?
        Added 9/17/2019
        from the short story Through His Eyes from Tales from the Shadows
      • 024: catboy sleeping positions
        Added 9/24/2019
        nya nya nya
      • 025: playing that one blanket trick on the exarch
        Added 10/18/2019
        he was very concerned
      • 026: wind up friend shenanigans
        Added 10/20/2019
      • 027: when a cat wants attention
        Added 11/4/2019
        how dare you ignore him
      • 028: doting raid bosses
        Added 12/9/2019
        If you used to play EQ you know how risky this would be, you never know when someone programmed a boss to deathtouch in response to something
      • 029: the state of my inventory
        Added 1/7/2020
        the battle continues
      • 030: fashion
        Added 2/9/2020
        Ameme does not like showing off her panties so she finds ways to wear unflattering cargo shorts instead
      • 031: gifted
        Added 2/23/2020
        he can open the doors to the crystal tower so just let him in already
      • 032: diadem
        Added 3/16/2020
        it's safer until you read the descriptions on the fish you can catch
      • 033: you know what your mom used to say
        Added 3/30/2020
        if you keep making that face it'll get stuck that way
      • 034: the care and keeping of mammets
        Added 4/17/2020
        wiggle wiggle
      • 035: exarch has a PSA
        Added 4/23/2020
        yes you, all you people who keep putting on cat ears
      • 036: twitter shenanigans in picture form
        Added 4/25/2020
        I wrote this all out but then I just turned it into an image
      • 037: cat bath
        Added 5/14/2020
        there have been rumors flying around and he's not okay with them
      • 038: lali ho
        Added 6/9/2020
      • 039: memories
        Added 7/9/2020
        let's go on an adventure
      • 040: thrill of the tea time
        Added 7/18/2020
        this is why I said we couldn't be friends
      • 041: folktunes
        Added 7/22/2020
        that old allagan caterwauling
      • 042: protect him
        Added 8/1/2020
        done just before 5.3 when we did not know what was going to happen
      • 043: delivery
        Added 9/10/2020
        from the short story Ere Our Curtain Falls
      • double heat
        Added 8/2/2019
        beware of attack twins
      • AFM interview: Rene Zagger
        Added 12/2/2020
        AFM, a fan media project I volunteer for, landed an interview with Emet-Selch's English VA so I drew a little comic.
      • cloud watching
        Added 6/15/2020
      • glamtown eorzea
        Added 8/1/2020
        I might've drawn this while watching a show on the 80s...
      • affection
        Added 1/27/2020
        imagine he has a rusty purr
      • fray leggy
        Added 11/19/2019
        hey there warrior of light it's me your alter ego
      • hair swap
        Added 9/14/2020
        why clothes swap when you can hair swap and try to imitate your friend
      • first meeting
        Added 7/6/2019
        Lyna finds a feral gremlin in the woods
      • mammet memes 1
        Added 12/4/2019
        done for a hashtag on twitter
      • mammet memes 2
        Added 12/4/2019
        done for a hashtag on twitter
      • mask up and stay safe
        Added 5/19/2020
        STAY AT HOME
      • the original cover page
        Added 4/13/2019
        I don't even have a cover page for this but anyway if I did have one it would be this
      • 044: muppet stick
        Added 9/20/2020
        The muppet stick has mupped its last stick
      • 045: Kisstober
        Added 10/5/2020
        Did someone say KISSTOBER
      • 046: leave a message
        Added 11/1/2020
        when the answering machine doesn't record the whole message
      • All Hail The Scree
        Added 1/18/2021
      • haurchefant day 2020
        Added 11/11/2020
        happy haurchefant day, house fortemps just shipped in a huge variety pack of novelty pocky flavors
      • 047: feeding time
        Added 11/20/2020
        no swimming
      • 048: Eorzean Clue
        Added 12/22/2020
        for a guy who spent 100 plus years pretending to be someone else, he sucks at this
      • 049: conjury
        Added 1/4/2021
        become one with nature. nature throws rocks.
      • 050: 6.0, probably
        Added 1/29/2021
        he only eats roasted squid imported from doma
      • 051: oh NO he has a SPONGE
        Added 2/18/2021
        better run, stinky!
      • Moogle Restoration
        Added 1/14/2021
        post moogles working overtime during ishgard restoration