Surros Gallery - Halloween 2017 at Surros Gallery
Halloween 2017
Begun 10/1/2017

I often make my own costumes each year. This year I made a baby dragon hand puppet!

  • Out in the pumpkin patch
    The finished product!
  • The armature
    The most important part. It has to be right!
  • Not scary at all!
    Well, as long as I don't lunge at them making angry gutteral noises.
  • Giving it skin
    I used a type of thermoplastic (Worbla) to cover the armature and give it skin. Later I used hot glue to create scales (not pictured).
  • Gesso
    I went with black gesso to help the bright colors I wanted to pop.
  • Hot Glue Scales
    The type of hot glue I used was actually meant for wood projects, but it worked well for this. I used at least 8 little sticks of it. The puppet gained about a half a pound when I was done.
  • Painted
    The painting in progress. Later I added interference paint to make it shimmer in the light.
  • Finished painting
    I added a satin varnish to the eyes so they were a bit shinier than the rest of the puppet.