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This site is a personal art site and therefore does not necessarily present itself as a polished portfolio full of eulogies to my professional accomplishments. It has been around since 2003, which makes it pretty old now that I think about it. The name means dragon-dragon in Japanese, because I love dragons and I wasn't too great at names back then (case in point: my leopard gecko was named Gecko). I've taken to using the name Surros Gallery since it's much easier to remember, but this URL continues to be my home on the internet. It still functions as a repository for many of my creative ventures, from art to photography to silly site pages, so take a look around and enjoy!

About me
I really love dragons! I even draw them occasionally. I was born in the year of the dragon, so perhaps that contributes to my mild obsession, but more likely it's because dragons are really cool. I'm not talking just high fantasy dragons like Smaug, though. I love them all! From the Chinese imperial dragon to the myriad European dragons to Quetzelcoatl from Mesoamerica, if it's magical, slightly serpentine, and potentially flies, it's instantly my favorite. I tend to work dragons into all of my worlds somehow. They can be anything from powerful divine beings to dangerous but mundane animals to household pets.

Things about me that don't involve dragons: I enjoy writing, video games, and creating things in general.
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